TOG Values & Chart

What is a TOG Value? How Should I Dress my Baby for Sleep?


As a parent, you want your baby to be as cozy and comfy as possible, especially while sleeping. When looking at blankets and sleepwear you may have noticed the word TOG on various baby sleep garments.

So, what does TOG mean?

TOG is a unit of measure of thermal insulation used in the textile trade. The British “TOG” value is the international standard measurement of a blanket’s thermal effectiveness (how well it keeps you warm).

What Snoozzzette fabric weight is suitable for my baby’s sleeping environment?

When it comes to dressing your baby for sleep, care must be taken to avoid over bundling which can cause overheating—a risk factor for SIDS. The Korbex Snoozzzette wearable blanket and Swaddlette swaddle wrap are suitable for a wide range of temperatures by adjusting the clothing worn underneath it. Babies can wear anything from just a diaper, to a long sleeve bodysuit or undershirt.

All Korbex Snoozzzette wearable blankets have been developed and tested to deliver TOG values that are in the ‘safe’ range for baby. However, it is important to remember that TOG values apply to each layer of baby’s clothing. The sum of each layer’s value equals the total TOG value. For example, if you dress your baby in Korbex Snoozzzette with a TOG of 1 over a cotton bodysuit with a TOG of 1, the total TOG is 2.


All Snoozzzette fabrics breathe and wick away moisture to avoid overheating. The following table shows the TOG values for each of our fabrics to help guide you to which fabric is best for your baby.

Helpful Tips

  • The ideal room temperature to avoid overheating is between 68-72°F (20-22°C)
  • Check your child’s temperature to make sure that baby’s extremities — hands, feet, and head — are neither hot nor cold to the touch. Baby’s tummy and chest should feel warm and dry, not sweaty or cold.
  • If the temperature of your home changes throughout the day or seasonally, try putting baby to sleep in different clothes for naps and nighttime sleep.
  • Do not dress baby in more than one layer than an adult would use to be comfortable in the same environment.
  • Baby’s head should also be uncovered, unless baby weighs less than eight pounds or baby is in a cold environment.